Wednesday, August 3, 2016

User Blocker – WordPress Plugin

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User Blocker WordPress plugin provide the ability to admin to block or unblock user accounts quickly and effortlessly. User can be blocked by role or username for specific day & time or date range or permanently. When someone tries to log in, and if that user blocked then a friendly error message is displayed on the login screen. You can unblock accounts at any time you want. Also admin can view blocked user list and quickly search user and unblock account if require.

User Blocker WordPress Plugin

Key Features :
  • Block and Unblock user according to requirement.
  • You can block user for specific time duration as well as for specific days.
  • You can block or unblock user by their name or by their role .
  • Easy to Search block user by their first name, email id, username.
  • You can create customizable message for each block user.
Free Download: User Blocker

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  1. @admin
    how can i identified that when did i block that user or what was the reason behind?
    Deepika Verma